Welcome to the online home of Cincinnati bike polo. We are a small but dedicated club with a court located at the Evan's Street Playground. Scroll down to learn more about the sport we love or to contact us to find out more information about coming to join us for some pick-up!

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What is Bike Polo?

Bike polo has a long history (dating as far back as the 1900 Olympic games) but our style came to be around 2006. While it is not quite sure where Hardcourt bike polo (played on concrete rather than grass) began in earnest it is believed to have been either NYC or Seattle. Cincinnati's club began in 2007 and has grown and changed a great deal over the years. Currently we played in the Lower Price Hill area at a newly built court at the Evan's Street Playground. To find out more about the game check out Mr.Do's videos. Then come play bike polo.

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